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Jump to navigation. Listen to the weather forecast and do the exercises to practise and improve your listening skills. Do the preparation exercise before you listen. Then do the other exercises to check your understanding. Weather reporter: Welcome to the weather forecast. There may be a thunderstorm in the afternoon. In the west and middle of the country the weather is dry, but cloudy. The south of the country has the best weather today. The weather in my hometown depends on the season and some other reasons such as the air flow, cyclone and global warming.

We live in Beaurainville in the North of France. It's usually cold and rainy. It's sometimes sunny in summer and it sometimes snows in winter. Please can you create separate accounts for each user? In our House Rules we ask you not to share your account with other people.

Thanks a lot and I hope you all enjoy the site! In my city, the weather is calm, it is warm and sunny, cloudy sometimes, but it is a perfect place to visit or live. I live in Valnecia. I live in Spain. Here is a good climate, it is neither very cold nor very warm.

In my city, the weather is sunny and warm, a bit cloudy but it's an incredible place to live. The rainy season lasts from April to November. There are many tropical fruits at that time and the rains are heavy but so quick.

On the contrary, the dry season starts in December and ends in March, it has no rain, very hot and dry. South Korea has the 4 seasons, and I like fall the most.

I have the alergic to the flowers and plants, so my allergic coryza always become worse and worse. Summer is hot, and I feel bad and annoying when it becomes a monsoon, especially like these days. In here, it was rainy all day even today. Cloudy, rainy, hot, and even damp. Winter is too cold, too. But in Fall, the autumn breeze and some beautiful red and yellow leaves make me feel hopeful. I think this is intended that I'm a boy, but autumn is the best season to read books and novels.

I can concentrate in one thing in fall, and the cool wind is very pleased. I love fall, and I want the fall to come more faster. I wish September comes more earlier and faster. I hate summer the most, and this is summer!!!!!! My name is khoi. I live in Cu jut District,Dac nong province. It's sunny and a bit windy. It's about 30 degrees today. I am from Russia, there are four seasons here.

I live in Moscow. In winter it often snows, sometimes it is very cold. There are thunderstorms in the spring. In summer it is usually warm. Autumn can be very wet and rainy. October gives us a shower of red, yellow and brown leaves.

This is a very beautiful time. In my country, the weather is really messy. But when I go home, why the weather is so good? Did I make any mistake with the temperature? In my town the weather is could. It's windy and cloudy all day.

It's spring, but I don't feel spring. Today, It's snowing all night. I really don't like such weather. In my country, it is cold and cloudy in December, January, and February.

Sometimes, there is little rain. In March, April, May, and June, it is very hot. In July and August, it is stormy with thunder and heavy rain. In September, October, and November, the weather is cool and cloudy. I like September most because the weather is beautiful in September. In my city Paris , it rains very often, but last week it snowed a lot, and my friends and I enjoyed playing in the snow and throwing snowballs.

It was fun! In my country Turkey we have 4 seasons. Spring is the most beautiful season for me because of green, butterfly, birds, flowers, sound of the nature Log in Sign up Newsletter. Instructions Do the preparation exercise before you listen.

Preparation Do this exercise before you listen. Check your understanding: matching Do this exercise while you listen. Check your understanding: gap fill typing Do this exercise while you listen. Worksheets and downloads Weather forecast - exercises. Weather forecast - answers.

Weather forecast - transcript. Transcript Transcript:. News reporter: Here is the weather. Language level:. Discussion What is the weather usually like in your town or city? The weather here, is sunny, sometimes cold, but usually very sunny, warm and windy up. Now in my city in the Czech Republic is snowy. And temperature is around 0 degrees centigrade. Hi class5d, Welcome to LearnEnglish teens! I live in tropical climate. So the weather in here very hot.

The weather here, is sunny, sometimes cold, but usually very sunny, warm and windy. In Guatemala the weather is very sunny, We have 22 c Degrees. I'm from Moscow. It is rainy, windy, cloudy, 15 degrees in my city today.

I like the rain. I live in Russia, in Kemerovo. The weather is cloudy and chilly. It isn't windy. In the South of Vietnam has the hottest temperature. It's between 25 to 35 degrees Celcius.

Sunil Gavaskar

Widely regarded as one of the greatest batsmen and one of the best opening batsmen in Test cricket history, Gavaskar set world records during his career for the most Test runs and most Test centuries scored by any batsman. He was the first person to score centuries in both innings of a Test match three times. He was the first Test batsman to score 10, Test runs in a career and now stands at number 12 on the group of 13 players with 10,plus Test runs. Gavaskar was widely admired for his technique against fast bowling , with a particularly high average of However, most of Gavaskar's centuries against West Indies were against their second string team when their four-pronged attack were not playing.

Sunny Days and Sea Breezes by Carole Matthews ePub Download

With a foreword by Questlove. They were conducting an experiment to see if television could be used to better prepare disadvantaged preschoolers for kindergarten. It was a unique time when an uncommon number of media professionals and thought leaders leveraged their influence to help children learn—and, just as notably, a time of unprecedented buy-in from American parents. David Kamp is an author, journalist, humorist, lyricist, and a charter member of the Sesame Street —viewing audience. His first musical as a lyricist, Kiss My Aztec!

Jump to navigation. Listen to the weather forecast and do the exercises to practise and improve your listening skills. Do the preparation exercise before you listen. Then do the other exercises to check your understanding. Weather reporter: Welcome to the weather forecast.

The Key Words Reading Scheme by Ladybird - is a series of 36 English language early readers children's books, published by the British publishing company, Ladybird Books. The series are also often referred to as Peter and Jane, the names of the main characters.. The first book in the series, Ladybird series , was published in , and the series was completed by the first publication of the 36th book in Over 80 million books in the series have been sold worldwide, and the books remain in print in The illustrations vary in style from book to book, depending on artist, but Peter and Jane are recognisable throughout.

Stout stems support over-sized double, ruby colored flowers. An overachiever in all areas; performance, color and flower size.

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Sunny Days : Sunil Gavaskar's Own Story

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