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Hurry up, Twigpaw! Alderheart pawed a small pile of herbs toward the SkyClan deputy. Ivypool was hauling a thrush—an earlier catch—from beneath a clump of ferns. Tigerheart and Dovewing were quick to volunteer to join the search. The tom slid around her, smoothing her fur with his own.

Home Events Register Now About. Get it Tuesday, Jan Shadowstar's Life. The First Battle. Warriors: Tigerstar and Sasha 2: Escape from the Forest. Warriors: The Power of Three 5. A sortable list in reading order and chronological order with publication date, genre, and rating.

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what comes after warriors: a vision of shadows

Warriors: Power of Three is the third arc in the Warriors juvenile fantasy novel series about anthropomorphic feral cats. Power of Three details the experiences of protagonist of the first series Firestar's three grandchildren, initially known as Jaykit, Hollykit, and Lionkit, whom a prophecy foretells will have "the power of the stars in their paws". The arc's major themes deal with forbidden love, the concept of nature versus nurture, and characters being a mix of good and bad. Though the novels have appeared on the New York Times Bestseller List and have been nominated for several awards, none of the novels in Warriors: Power of Three have won a significant literary award. Warriors is written by Erin Hunter, a pen name for four people: Victoria Holmes , who creates the storylines and edits, and Kate Cary , Cherith Baldry , and Tui Sutherland , who write the books in turns.

Erin Hunter

They were investing in Africa as well as making headlines by investing in Turkey. Eiji was usually the spokesperson, but Daiki was the undisputed leader and lauded to be the brains. Azami was always with them, but clearly in the background.

[read ebook] Warriors Power of Three Box Set Volumes 1 to 6 [R.A.R]

The trio learn throughout the course of the series that the cats of the Dark Forest, who are spirits of deceased Clan cats who committed acts of evil during their lives, are preparing an attack on the living Clan cats, recruiting disgruntled living cats to their cause, brutally training them for battle in their dreams, and manipulating the Clans through these cats. Eventually, they agree and hunt, then wait at the WindClan border for a patrol.

what comes after warriors: a vision of shadows

Sunrise is the final book in the Power of Three arc. Hollyleaf is the cat featured in the center of the original cover. Leafpool is featured in the prologue, along with Bluestar and Yellowfang.

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By Erin Hunter. The final book in this third series, Warriors: Power of Three 6: Sunrise , brings more adventure, intrigue, and thrilling battles to the epic world of the warrior Clans. The secret of Hollyleaf's, Jayfeather's, and Lionblaze's true identities has been revealed, but one shocking question remains unanswered.

The date has been in her diary for some months, but she offers to cancel the trip and stay in London so she can visit me in Belmarsh. By: Cat le Fleur. Black tendrils rose from the strangers shadow and darted towards Ivan but ice rose from the ground on his command and acted as a shield, but it shattered as the tendrils impaled themselves into his skin. Heat from outside, added to the heat generated from within, and kept under tight pressure by isolation be it voluntary or enforced is a sure recipe for disaster.

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Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read Warriors: A Vision of Shadows 3: Shattered Sky. What Do I Get? This series is the Harry Potter of cat books. See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions.

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